Superb clear speakers! OMG exactly what a difference! highs are wonderful, not very good levels but I also bought 1 "Pyle PLG64 6th. 5" 300-Watt Mid-Bass Woofer to install in again door, the other backside speaker is stock and I still might change that. Sound is perfect. May additionally buy an under-the-seat sub but haven't made the decision yet. Ive always experienced subs in my vehicles so I'm picky when it comes to my sound. Installed in 06\ Pontiac Vibe (aka Toyota matrix). Crossovers would not fit behind door sections so are sitting in the compartment area of panels and the tweeters rest nicely on the inside across from part mirrors. Id recommend when you have to do it this way to Velcro the cars to the door so they don't flop around.